Many people have nice videos on their devices which looks bad when they upload it on to social media.

This normally happens to most novice graphic designers.

This problem occurs when we do not optimize our images for the website we are uploading to.

Images look bad on most social networking platforms because we did not follow their required image sizes.

Sometimes, our images get cropped at odd points making the image to loose it’s beauty.

In order to avoid this problem we have developed a list of required image sizes to most of the social platforms.

These sizes also applies to videos.

Check the list below.

Element Specification
Profile Picture (Minimum) 180×180
¹Profile Picture (Recommended) 200×200
Cover Photo (Minimum) 400×150
²Cover Photo (Recommended) 820×462
Shared Image and Shared Link Image
in Timeline (Minimum)
Shared Image and Shared Link Image
in Timeline (Recommended)
Event Cover 1920×1080 OR 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Story 1080×1920 OR 
9:16 Aspect Ratio
Group Cover 1640×856 OR 1.91:1 Aspect Ratio
Profile Photo 400×400
Header Photo 1500×500
Timeline Image (Minimum) 440×220
Timeline Image (Recommended) 1024X512 OR 2:1 Aspect Ratio
Video (Square) 720×720
Video (Landscape) 1280×720
Video (Portrait) 720×1280
Profile Picture (Recommended) 180×180
Photo Thumbnails 161×161
³Photo (Square) 1080×1080
³Photo (Landscape) 1080×566 OR 1.91:1 Aspect Ratio
³Photo (Portrait) 1080×1350 OR 
4:5 Aspect Ratio
Video Minimum (Square) 600×600
Video Maximum (Square) 1080×1080
Video Minimum (Landscape) 600×315
Video Maximum (Landscape) 1080×608
Video Minimum (Portrait) 600×750
Video Maximum (Portrait) 1080×1350
Video Minimum (Carousel) 600×700
Video Maximum (Carousel) 1080×1080
Story 1080×1920 OR
 9:16 Aspect Ratio
Profile Picture 800×800
Video Thumbnail 1280×720
Banner (Cover Photo or Channel Art) 2560×440
Banner Safe Area 1546×423
Mobile Display 1546×423
Tablet Display 1855×423
Desktop Display 2560×423
TV Display 2560×1440
4K (2160p) 3840×2160
2K (1440p) 2560×1440
Max. Resolution for HD (1080p) 1920×1080
Min. Resolution for HD (720p) 1280×720
Standard Definition (480p) 854×480
Traditional Website Resolution (360p) 640×360
Minimum YouTube Video Size (240p) 426×240
Profile Photo (Minimum) 165×165
Profile Photo (Recommended) 280×280
Board Cover 600×600
Small Thumbnail for Board Display 55×55
Large Thumbnail for Board Display 222×150
Standard Pin (Minimum) 600×900
Standard Pin (Recommended) 1000×1500 OR 
1:1.5 Aspect Ratio
Square Pin (Minimum) 600×600
Square Pin (Recommended) 1000×1000 OR
 1:1 Aspect Ratio
Tall Pin (Minimum) 600×1260
Tall Pin (Recommended) 1000×2100 OR 
1:2.1 Aspect Ratio
Profile Picture (Minimum) 160×160
Profile Picture (Recommended) 400×400
Profile Picture (Maximum) 20000×20000
Profile Cover 1584×396
Shared Image (Desktop) 1200×1200
Shared Image (Mobile) 1200×627
Blog Post Link Share Image 1200×628
LinkedIn Page Logo 300×300
LinkedIn Page Cover Image 1128×191
Overview Tab Image 360×120
Overview Tab Cover Image 1192×220
Life Tab Main Image 1128×376
Life Tab Company Photos 900×600
Life Tab Custom Modules 502×282
Shared Image in Page Update With URL 1200×627
Avatar (Profile Picture) 128×128
Dashboard Image (Minimum) 500×750
Dashboard Image (Maximum) 1280×1920
1-Image Photoset 500x* per image
2-Image Photoset 245x* per image
3-Image Photoset 160x* per image
Photo Post (Recommended) 540×810
Photo Post (Maximum) 2048×3072
GIF (Maximum) 540x*
¹Dimensions for retina screens: 360×360.

²These dimensions account for the total image cropping of 150 px (vertical) that occurs on desktop.

³These dimensions also work for photo posts in your Facebook feed.