Versatile movie maker Kobi Rana has announced 14th February as the official date for the premiere of his New film titled “HELLO—Love and Lockdown”
Kobi Rana whose initial movie titled “Freedom and Justice” got banned by Government from premiering has shown resilience by scheduling to release a new film on Val’s Day like he has been known for over the year.

Even though the official trailer of this new film(HELLO—Love and Lockdown) is not yet released, the artwork depicts it might be a romantic comedy.


“Freedom and Justice” from its trailer was a movie which touched on the political flawed system of and how government is exploiting citizens to enrich few from corruption and use of state resources on frivolous stuff.

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Even though the tourism ministry denied any mischief and said the film was stopped from coming out on grounds of Coronavirus, many believed it was because the film is a critique of the current government that is why they stopped it from hitting the cinema.

Below is the art work of the new film

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