Ghanaian young and budding musician Kuami Eugene has reacted with indifference to the comparisons that have been ongoing between himself ad other male acts by fans.

In a Twitter discussion, most netizens were comparing the craft of Kuami Eugene to that of King Promise and KiDi who are all contemporary highlife singers.

While many said Kuami Eugene was riding on hype and wasn’t any good, others said King Promise and KiDi are way better than he is.

Those who shared this assertion were also of the view that Kuami Eugene is being liked by the women because most of them do not pay critical attention to the contents of his music.

Others argued about the popularity and hit songs of Kuami Eugene and why that place him a step ahead of his competitors but it was fiercely contested.

All these while, Kuami Eugene was monitoring the discussion and wasn’t pleased with the comparisons and the foul language some used to describe his craft.

Kuami Eugene tweeted to render the Twitter discussion trashy. According to him, he doesn’t rely on Twitter polls or discussion to judge whether he is good or not.

He bragged about the number of streams, awards and shows he has to his name and that obviously makes him feel better than any comparison or whatsoever.

He tweeted: Don’t Put Your Trust In Twitter. They give you hype to help you forget you’re failing. Anka Ask yourself why I’m getting all the streams, The Views, The Shows And The Endorsement Deals. Focus On The Work Na Nipa Ny3 Nyame.

Screenshots Of Tweets On The Comparison Below: