kuami eugene and tima kumkum

It appears Lynx entertainment signees have love for older women. ’s current baby mama is alleged to be a wealthy mama older than him.

It appears who’s also a signee has a taste for older women after shooting his shot at TV presenter, Tima Kumkum a few weeks after she declared that she’s single and in need of a man in her life.

In an interaction captured on Instagram, the Angela hitmaker told Tima that he admires her a lot — he even described the admiration as an obsession.


I think I am you biggest fan. Or it just an obsession. Idk. But I admire you a lot“, he wrote.

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Soon after his comment, Tima also replied saying she has also long being admiring the Rockstar.

Awwwwww you just made my day hun you have no idea how I also admire you too, this is humbling thank you, I’m super proud of you“, her response read.

Could this lead somewhere?

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