kuami eugene look alike

A guy who looks like singer was booked to perform at a show and people at the ceremony actually believed that was the real Kuami Eugene.

The guy as seen in a viral video wore sun glasses like how the Lynx Entertainment signee always does.

And one of the things characteristic of the Angela hitmaker’s performance is his dance moves, this guy actually replicated the dance moves the way Kuame Eugene would do if he was the one performing.

If you observe closely, Kuami likes wearing black colored outfits — this fake version of him also appeared in a black attire as he performed his latest ‘Open Gate’ song.

The identity of the young man is yet to be known.

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Watch the video below:

Can Kuami Eugene sue this guy?

Personally, I think it’s nice for him to entertain people. But if he charges for these shows and perform the songs of Kuami Eugene, then, he needs to be dealt with.

Because this is tantamount to impersonation and it is not so cool to chop off somebody’s identity and sweat.

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