CEO of Strong Empire and former SarkCess Music signee – Burner has fired some more shots at Kweku Smoke.

In an interview on TV3, made it clear that he isn’t friends with hence he doesn’t want to be disrespected by him.

He claimed he was with before Kweku came through, so he had to learn to respect him and not breed hatred between the SarkCess Music team.


The ‘Pilolo’ star stated emphatically that he is still angry at Kweku Smoke’s post because he sees no reason why he should be tagged beneath such a tweet.

further said he is cool with and really appreciates his support for him since day one.

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Burner strongly warned Kweku Smoke for almost breeding hatred between himself and Sarkodie.

went hard on Kweku Smoke for saying shares his work even after he sold him out by leaving his SarkCess Music.

Kweku tweeted:

“I know the feeling highest but am happy you be one focused person you do what you want do for others regardless if Enoe be so like e song sef unoe go tweet again..U follow Gh people aa somebody Dey die sef u go lef am make e die..we the young ones Dey appreciate u 🙏🏿❤️.”

His post did not go down well with Strongman. Strong Geezy called Smoke a fake person who is just trying hard to fake loyalty to Sarkodie.

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He also warned him never to drag his name into any useless arguments of his again.

“Fake people always trying to prove their loyalty outside
What you heard might even be the opposite of what happened Let this be the last time you drag my name in your useless arguments 😡,” – Strong warned.

His reply to the ‘Yedin’ hit-maker has set Twitter ablaze for hours.

Watch the Video Below:


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