Ghanaian singer, Kwesi Arthur, is trending on Twitter on the number 1 spot.

The question is why is he trending?

Well, the rapper has been accused of using and dumping ladies.

According to proofs and audios posted by one Snapchat user Crazy Virgin, Kwesi Arthur is accused of exploiting ladies emotionally and financially.

It’s alleged per what we heard from the audios that Kwesi Arthur is dating multiple ladies and all he does is to promise them true love.

And once the lady falls, he’ll ask the lady for money, airtime among other petty things.

According to the grapevine, Kwesi Arthur doesn’t normally chat these ladies on social media since he knows they may screenshot his chats.

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So what he has done is, he has a lot of numbers — each for one girl.

So he normally speaks with them on phone so that they won’t have any evidence.

The worst of it all is that the Grind Up hitmaker has been accused of asking some of the ladies who got pregnant for him in the process to abort it.

Please listen to this audio below:

Below are also screenshots of some of his chats with the ladies he has so far exploited:

This is a screenshot of him video calling one of the ladies.

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