Kwesi Arthur’s father speaks on his son’s alleged ‘Eating’ of girls & aborting babies when they get pregnant

Mr. Samuel Danso Arthur, father of Kwesi Arthur has finally spoken on his son’s alleged ‘Eating’ of girls and aborting babies when they get pregnant.

Kwesi Arthur was exposed over his alleged street life days ago by a Snapchat Blogger.

Kwesi Arthur’s father while reacting to the saga in an interview with 3FM’s MzGee said:

“I haven’t even seen the face of these women. Anything that is thrown out there people will be curious to follow. I believe it’s coming from a toothless individual. I think it is something that is being cooked by a blogger with the ladies. If it is indeed the lady who got impregnated should come out so we all see her face.”

Mr. Samuel Danso Arthur said he is yet to talk to his mainly because he is out of the country at the moment.

He also disclosed that as a lady, before you open your legs for a man, you should be aware of the consequences.

“He has traveled and I’m sure he has returned but I haven’t spoken to him. I am yet to out from him if the story circulating is or not but if you are a woman and you decide to open your legs for a man, then you must know it comes with consequences. It’s not like taking paracetamol tablet. After enjoying your intercourse you come and disturb us with this nonsense,” he said.

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Fact of The Matter:

Ghanaian singer, Kwesi Arthur, trended on Twitter on the number 1 spot days ago.

The question is why was he trending?

Well, the rapper has been of using and dumping ladies.

According to proofs and audios posted by one Snapchat user Crazy Virgin, Kwesi Arthur is of exploiting ladies emotionally and financially.

It’s alleged per what we heard from the audios that Kwesi Arthur is dating multiple ladies and all he does is to promise them love.

And once the lady falls, he’ll ask the lady for money, airtime among other petty things.

According to the grapevine, Kwesi Arthur doesn’t normally chat these ladies on social media since he knows they may screenshot his chats.

So what he has done is, he has a lot of numbers — each for one girl.

So he normally speaks with them on phone so that they won’t have any evidence.

The worst of it all is that the Grind Up hitmaker has been of asking some of the ladies who got pregnant for him in the process to abort it.


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