Prophet T.B Joshua who’s the founder of Synagogue Church of all Nations is now taking his time to teach his followers the importance of good health.

In his latest teachings, he taught his congregants via a TV broadcast the relevance of exercising one’s body and how the lack of exercise can expose one to terminal diseases.

He entreated his listeners to engage in house chores such as sweeping, washing etc. because during those times, the whole body is engaged.


Below were his words:

“Let us ask ourselves: How many times have you been out in the sun? How many times have you decided to climb the stairs, instead of taking a lift just as an exercise? Without moving around, without stretching our bodies, we are giving room to terminal disease.

Many of our chores, tasks that we ask our domestic help to do are actually good for our physical fitness, e.g., sweeping the floor. When we are sweeping the floor, we engage the whole system. When you are washing, either standing or bending, you are engaging all your system. When we cannot bend down as we are trying to wear shoes, as we are trying to wash our feet, this means there is a problem. Viewers, be careful of terminal disease.” –

Watch video below:

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