A Twitter user has come out with the required yardstick for the measurement of displaying love for a man by a woman.

According to her post on Twitter, the lady said any lady that doesn’t lick the feet of her man doesn’t really love him.

She shared a photo of herself doing the licking on her man’s legs.

A lot of ladies have countered her saying that licking feet is not the standard for measuring a lady’s love for her man and others also said the whole thing is disgusting.

“Ladies If You Ain’t Doing This To Yo Mans Feet, Then You Really Don’t Love Him #LetsArgue”

licking foot

My opinion

I must say this lady simply did this for clout. Licking someone’s foot is not in any way a requirement for the measurement of love.

I think this should be done based on the lady’s personal preference for the display of love and affection.

So if someone prefers not to lick her man’s leg should not mean she doesn’t love him.

Mind you, there are a lot of ways to display love and licking your man’s feet can possibly place a millionth position on the list of ways to express love.