A lady has sadly found out that her uncle is her biological father and not the man her mother is married to.

She overheard her mom arguing with her uncle and during their exchange of words, the lady who’s in her teens got to know that her uncle is her real father.

She’s now confused on how to confront her mom, hence, she has messaged relationship coach, David Papa Bondze-Mbir, seeking his opinion on how to go about this issue.

Read her full message below:

“Dear Mr. David Bondze-Mbir, I am a teenager. My friend asked me to send my story to you. I just found out that my father’s brother is my biological father.

Mum was arguing with him on the phone and she said it. I don’t think my father knows I am not his child. I have been quiet for some days now. I want to confront my mother about what I heard. I want to ask my uncle if it’s true, because my uncle is always good to me. He calls me a lot too.

But right now, I have forgotten all the good he ever did me because I don’t understand why my mother and him would have sex in the first place. Will they tell me the truth if I confront them or I should just go to daddy? “