Lady forced to take off her ear rings before entering Mummy G.O’s church

A lady, identified as Burntdodo, has revealed how she was forced to take off her earrings after seeing a signpost at the entrance of evangelist Funmilayo‘s church.

BurntDodo said she was going to enter the church when she noticed a plaque at the door that warns visitors about what they could not wear inside.

Earrings, necklaces, skirts, carved brows, and other fashion items were prohibited in the church, according to the signpost.

She wrote:

“I woke up early to visit this church. To be honest, I was stunned with the size of the church. Expected it to be a tiny building. Wrong oh. It was very wide and a building by the side was for the children’s church. As I parked and tried stepping into the building, I was stopped. Ghen ghen!

Then I noticed this at the entrance. In this type of situations, you have to comply, you don’t need no drama. My scarf slid up and she sighted my earrings. She called me back. ?she helped me take those off too. I was just very calm and I kept smiling at her.”

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See the signpost below:

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