A lady identified as Elhana Forson‎ was duped by a confident trickster who called her number.

She’s hence using her experience to advise other ladies.

Read her full story below:

“On Tuesday 15th October 2019 around 9pm I was lying in my cane chair relaxing and watching TV when I received a call from a contact I had saved M Y A but I couldn’t make out the person and conversation went like

Him: my name is Michael Yaw Asante Esquire. You might not remember me but I met you somewhere in 2015 and you were going for some stage play rehearsals, Uncle Ebo or something of that sort
Me: oh yeah I remember, been a long while….. (after exchange of pleasantries)
Him: are you married?
Me: no
Him: oh then that’s good myself am not married so we can make things happen
Me: laughed
Him: so how’s life?

Then we zoomed into general life conversation and business. I spoke about my business and this guy said he was interested in helping me since he’d be making me his wife soon (I must say I was happy with the way conversation was going)

Turned out he’s now in Accra and working for the president at the Jubilee house and there was going to be an auction the following week so he’d help me buy one of the cars at GHc12,000.00 to which I told him S3 mensoo car t) (I haven’t reached the stage of buying a car)

Conversation went on for days and this guy was talking big every time so I wasn’t comfortable. The spirit of God kept urging me to investigate him so I sent his picture to one of my lawyer friends if he could find out anything about him professionally or otherwise. Just then I was prompted by the Spirit to consult Google, lo and behold this story 👇in different versions popped up. My heart started racing and in my denial state, I wanted to believe that he might have been victim of a plot or maybe even if he did, he’s a changed man so I decided to play it cool with him and see what happens.

All along he was persuading me to bring money for a job opening at cocobod, that the HR would collect GHc2000.00 so I should bring whatever amount I can pay and he’ll top up. I told him that my faith doesn’t allow me to pay bribes. Besides I have never paid for any opportunity in life before, God has always handed it over to me so am not interested, in any case am currently employed but this guy just wouldn’t badge so I decided to give him 500.00 to see what happens and he quickly jumped on it.

He was insisting on talking to my father (because I was preparing to go for my Grandpa’s funeral at the end of the month and he wanted to go with me), so I called my dad for him (conference call) and right after the lines dropped I called my dad not to take his hopes high cos the guy is suspicious.

After this the money requests started pouring in. I should send 300.00 to a friend who’s wife was sick, I should send money to his house boy for dog food, I should send money for him to order clothes for my pastor… And to them all I politely denied the requests, that I didn’t’t have money.

I checked with Ghana Bar Association online and names of all my lawyer friends came up except his. I checked with the list of presidential staffers and couldn’t find his name, my friend to whom I sent the pic and details couldn’t come up with anything on him and then I confirmed that he wasn’t real

Eventually, the visit to my parents never happened cos he didn’t show so I explained everything to my dad when I went home. He stopped calling and doesn’t pick my calls again and this is how God saved me from a possible fraud even though he chop my 500.00 lol

My fellow single sisters please keep your eyes wide open. You might not only loose money, you might become a mother to his child before he’s caught again. See it’s frustrating enough that we’re not married (with all the societal pressure), but for someone to squander your hard earned money all in the name of marrying you is torture, please stay woke and don’t fall victim to these ones, listen to your intuitions for they never lie

To the guys, he may be pushing to become your business partner or already is, please be careful na money is not easy to come by these day”


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Woman duped by fraudster

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