There is no bad job so long as it is legit and can sustain your livelihood. This is manifested in the life of a lady who is not ashamed to tell the world that she is a shoemaker.

Most nice looking ladies find it extremely difficult to do menial jobs. The educated ones so expect a cozy office job with sumptuous allowances and luxury.

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This is not the case for the beautiful Adeosun. Adeosun is a beautiful Nigerian lady who makes necks turn when she passes by.

However, little was known of the job she does; some even, thought she is one of those slay-queens who do hop from one man to the other, from one bed to the other.

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Well, after she had shared her profession on Twitter, many were astounded, spellbound and could only admire sheepishly and exclaim ‘WOW’ the umpteenth time.