A lady simply known as Koko has revealed how she saved up a huge sum of money intending to give it to her boyfriend for the purchase of a car.

Tweeting with the username @Nbvllamy revealed that she was able to save up to $5000 (GHS26719.67) monthly just as her boyfriend had been saving $5000 monthly to buy a car.

She said that her man did not know that as he was saving some money, she was also doing the same to add it to his, so in total, they saved up $10,000 (53851.37)


Taking to her Twitter handle @Nbvllamy, Koko said;

“My boyfriend has been putting back money every month and saved up $5,000 to purchase a new vehicle tomorrow. “What he doesn’t know is he has $10,000. I have been secretly matching every dollar he has saved. He truly deserves it y’all. “The man helped purchase me a jaguar cash, it’s in my header. We have been together for 6 years. Never had to confront him about another woman. “Made it through college. Started our careers (teacher & attorney assistant) NO KIDS. He pays the rent and I buy groceries. Pls STFU.”

Her tweet has generated a lot of attention with many chastising her not to do that for a boyfriend but for a husband. Others find her action heartwarming.

What do you think of her action?

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