A lady wants to break up with her boyfriend because he speaks bad English Language.

The lady while narrating her ordeal to Joro, a relationship expert on Instagram explained that she sees that as a total disrespect.

The undisclosed lady said anytime she tries to correct her man, it turns into argument till she gives up.

Meanwhile, she is set to marry the same man in a few days to come.

She seems confused and wants to be advised.

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Read her full message below:

“Good evening Joro please keep me anonymous I’m your silent follower…..why is it always hard for men to listen to correction? I’m not understanding my fiance speak very bad English infact bad is an understatement I mean worst but anytime I try correcting him it always leads to fight and argument and we’re planning to get married just asking if there is anything I can do to stop this terrible English pls I love him but this English is giving me goosebumps in fact my elder sis make jest of me and he’s the kind that always want to speak in english…Is this how he will continue to disgrace somebody daughter in public….omg my unborn kids God of mercy thank u…no insult pls.”

Help her with any good advice beneath the comment box below.

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