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Lady who lied that a Chief was sacrificing boy to his gods arrested for defamation


Few days ago, there was a viral video which trended on social media. In the video,  a lady was heard saying that a certain chief of Hemang was sacrificing  a boy to his gods.

This sparked the anger of Ghanaians and called for the chief to be arrested and dealt with.

Sadly, it turned out later that the chief of Hemang was rather sacrificing a goat not a human being as said by the lady in the viral video.

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Well, Celebrities Buzz has gathered that the lady whose voice was heard in the viral video has been arrested.

She was arrested on the grounds of defamation and for causing fear and panic.

See her picture below:

lady who lied

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  1. So why was the video removed from facebook then , not only one voice was heard there .More than one voice. Check the video again .Why will a chief kill a goat on the street for sacrifice? Think about it .The video should be checked well again


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