unruly grank

Celebrities Buzz has gathered the last Facebook posts of Unruly Grank, the fast rising Ghanaian dancehall musician stabbed in Cape coast.

Apparently, reports indicated that Grank and a fellow dancehall musician, have been at logger heads for sometime now as to who’s best when it comes to music.

The last Facebook posts of Grank suggests that he has been insulting Kahpun and challenging him to come for a lyrical beef.

It appears that it was the heat of their argument that led to Grank getting stabbed.

In one of his post, Grank wrote: “Kahpun is the one I wanna tear his head”.

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In another post, he wrote: “It’s simple, face to face, one on one I said I wanna murder Kahpun not that likkle cotton youth”.

See all the posts below:

image 2021 02 07 230649

image 2021 02 07 230700

image 2021 02 07 230714

image 2021 02 07 230730

image 2021 02 07 230742

image 2021 02 07 230757

It is a few hours after these posts that Grank got stabbed.

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