Proton VPN has introduced a new feature for android called smart protocol.

This new feature will allow users to bypass state and corporate censorship.

According to proton, this new feature will be able to bypass the restrictions of any network service providers.

Many network operators try to block the vpn from bypassing their bypass restrictions.

This new update according to the CEO of proton, will be able to bypass any network operators bypass restrictions.

Andy yen, Founder and CEO of proton discussed the new feature. These are his words:

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“We believe the Internet should be uncensored. Open access to information is a bedrock of democratic society, and our mission is to create online tools that make digital freedom possible. Features like Smart Protocol Selection help our users get free access to the internet, even in the face of state or corporate censorship.”

Proton further stated that, while filters are wild spread, the blocking of some protocols to access vpn are scarce but is still functioning in some places in some instances.

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Due to this, smart protocol is being programmed to help users connect to an open web.

The smart protocol is automatic to connect and will not hinder anyone from connecting to the VPN.

Most vpns uses the protocol called IKEV2 which makes it easy for network operators to block.

The smart protocol when noticed, will switch into an open vpn protocol to search for an open port to connect.

You can get the new version of the VPN on the google play store.