Home Technology Legend iPhone 11 Pro with solid gold back sells for over $3,720

Legend iPhone 11 Pro with solid gold back sells for over $3,720

Legend Helsinki

If you think the €1,049 price of an iPhone 11 Pro is just too easy on the wallet, let us introduce you the custom-made versions from Legend Helsinki with back panel, coated in 18K gold for about €3,390.

And if you think that’s still cheap – there is also the Emperor edition with the precious stone jadeite instead of a glass back with a custom price, depending on the quality of the stone, required by the user.

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Legend Helsinki has a bunch of designs that have the same price tag throughout different iterations of the iPhone, but the latest edition is getting some limited variants. One of them is called “Firmamentum” – roughly translated as vault from Latin (its literal meaning is a strengthening, support, prop).

It has a silver plate and plenty of golden screws, along with a mother of pearl Apple logo. It will be manufactured in 10 units and each one will cost €3,490.

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See photos below:

Source: GSMArena


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