Day in, day out, we blame our economic problems on our leaders. The fact is, most of them are too old to think of innovative ways of doing things so they keep wasting our precious resources.

As it stands, Musician and Politician Kwame A Plus is trying to form a new movement/party called “the people’s party”.

He’s doing this as a means by which Ghanaians can do away with the current majority two parties, NDC and NPP. Both parties are as good as useless because when either of them come to power, our situations worsen.

Well, rapper Sarkodie has come out to say that he’s in full support of what Kwame A Plus is trying to bring on board.

The Sarckess Nation CEO noted that time is far gone for us to do away with NDC and NPP and focus on how to change our leaders for the better.

I see my brother A Plus trying to form the people’s party that’s us as a people not NPP or NDC supporters and I love the concept. I support it .. Need more details on how it works… So we all can join and have the power to decide who stays in power”, Sarkodie wrote in tweet.


Another tweet reads:

“We need to take the power back into our hands , let’s forget this NPP NDC things and look at our future … We need change”

Sarkodie stressed again:

“Till we as a people come together as one to determine who gets the power to rule, we will still b stuck with leaders who can get away with bad governance and we just fall back in that same cycle over and over again”

A lot of his followers agree with his opinion.