Michael Agyare

Hello, fellow men who have been searching for lotto numbers to win all to no avail. Worry no more, because actor Michael Agyare has just revealed one sure way by which you all can get lotto numbers fast and easy.

According to the screen icon popularly known as Grandpa, men get lotto numbers by licking the private parts of a woman.

In an interview with Adwen on eTV Ghana’s adult edutainment show “In Bed with Adwen”, he stated that cunnilingus, which we mostly refer to as p*ssy licking, is very good and has a lot of benefits that people do not know.

One of these benefits is what he mentioned as revelation of lotto numbers.

When you lick p*ssy, you can even get lotto numbers. After putting your tongue there and doing all that work, when you go to bed, you can dream of single four, thirty-three”, he said.

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Grandpa also mentioned that “If you observe, you’ll realize that men who have lots of beard are the ones that love licking pussy the most”.

He however went on to advise women to learn how to keep ‘under there’ clean and fresh in other to do away with bad odour and infections which will not give men a pleasant experience when they decide to taste the ‘forbidden fruit’.

The aforementioned advise was borne out of his own experience, he stated that he once tried to go down on a lady who had a stench coming out of her under and it was very horrible.

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