Kumawood actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin has been accused of using fellow actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s death to make money.

To those who do not know, you can make money from Youtube when you upload videos thereon. That’s why most musicians upload their videos there and make some few $$$ from there. If you want to know more on this, you will have to Google ‘How to make money on Youtube’ to understand better.

Back to the issue at hand. As we all know, our brother and favorite actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko passed away yesterday and a host of celebrities are paying him tribute via social media.

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Now, Lilwin has recorded an 8-minute video of himself crying to Bishop Nyarko’s death on his official Youtube page.

And after posting the video, he monetized it. Now as more and more people view the video, Lilwin will make money off it.

Critics are concerned as to why he’ll fix camera on himself and cry for about 8 minutes with the purpose of making money while he should have rather be mourning truly?

Watch the video below:

Options for Lilwin to redeem his image

It could be that it’s not Lilwin’s actual aim to make money from this video.

So the only thing he can do to prove critics wrong is to donate all monies made from this video to the family of Bishop Bernard Nyarko.

If that is done, then, we can ‘free him’ of all the allegations that he’s just trying to make money off someone’s death.

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