“Look at your mates”
This statement has pushed many into prisons, unprepared marriages and early graves .
Never let this statement get you.
Stay focused, work hard,pray and you surely gonna make it .

Life is not a race, the fact that someone made it during a short while doesn’t mean u can also make it. God has a reason for everything.

Remember that life is not a sprint but a marathon. The race is not for the fastest nor the strongest who can flex his muscles but for those who will run at a steady pace till the end, with utmost endurance and patience.

We all got different soul and spirit inside us and each human has their ways of thinking, listening and understanding, so sometimes some parents or family shouldn’t put pressure on others to look same as some people and they themselves should check their fingers if they are all the same before judging other’s for their destiny being delayed.

Satan uses people who say ‘look at your mates’ to push many souls into marriages they were not prepared for, and to have children they could not cater for. Even your twin has a different path in life from you. Follow your path, not your mates. Life is not a race. Marry when you are ready. Have children when you are ready. Don’t allow someone use the ‘your mate’ trap on you. Has the person who is telling you about what ‘your mates’ are doing achieved what his or her own mates have achieved? Let them start with themselves!

Never give up when the going gets tough. Never quit at the first sign of difficulty. Life was never meant to be easy; it’s a constant struggle with lows and highs. The times when it’s most important to persevere are the times that you will be most tested. Keep going. Trust Him!.