LOTTO: 13 – 14 played last Saturday. This is how a group of forecasters ‘leaked’ the Two Sure

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Winning Lottery takes luck but winning one in Ghana really demands divine intervention because one needs to predict correctly two numbers out of 90 numbers.

In few instances, we hear of forecasters correctly predicting two or more numbers that fine their way in the winning numbers.

Last Saturday August 1, 2019, a group of Forecasters running Whatsapp groups created by news website gave out 13, 14 and other numbers to its premium subscribers.

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lotto win
The Group’s recent winning

Unfaithful members of the groups then forwarded to other Whatsapp groups and even posted on social media since predictions from Asembi Lotto Group is said to be in high demand.

The two numbers found their way in the winning numbers.

The group is said to have correctly predicted 21 the previous week as it’s banker and also won with 46 – 61 on Tuesday.

Lottery lovers can click here to join the ASEMBI lotto Whatsapp group.

Note that Lottery is for 18+ and you are to play responsibly.

lotto win
The Group’s recent winning

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