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Lovely couple marry in simplicity; no wedding gowns & unreasonable decorations

simple marriage

A lot of people have been dating for years but can’t simply marry because marriage is now synonymous to money.

When your wedding is not big, then, you better don’t do it — that’s how society and the system have ‘cooked’ the mind of the youth.

This even makes people to go for loans just for their wedding reception to be grand only for them to suffer later in life.

Well, a couple are fast trending on social media for not falling for this system trap.

In viral photos, one can see a couple marrying in a very simple fashion.

They wore no wedding gown or expensive suits. Both the groom and the bride were in simply training suits with sneakers with some few friends and family gathered around to cheer them up.

Photos below:

simple marriage simple marriage simple marriage

There’s a church who can now conduct marriage ceremony for couples for as low as GHC1,000.

There was a simple of this sort that went viral in 2018. May be the youth should start considering simple marriages just to save themselves some stress and financial pressure.


  1. That’s good for well planning couple than spending a lot for wedding stuffs as u know even others wed when still renting then you ask your self a question where and how will you cater for your responsibilities as a man big weddings are all nothing just showing off mbu u have money too local I believe with you thank you

  2. Wow..its very nice and simple, marriage doesn’t need a lot of money but understanding from both families n love …than to kill yourselves with loans

  3. Anonymous, the problem starts when you bring in ‘both families’. It should be a decision and understanding of the individuals involved.


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