We are sorry the beef between two Ghanaian heavyweights , and Nana Aba Anamoah has ended prematurely.

Twitter was switched to violent mode when Nana Aba responded to a tweet by Lydia Forson in an angry manner which got Ghanaians asking if there’s some hidden problem between the two.

The tweet by Lydia that got the GHOne Manager’s angry reaction reads “That you never know when you’ll need someone”, will have you keeping the most unnecessary people in your life for years.The day you will actually need them they may not even come through for you.Stop entertaining people you don’t like because you think you may need them.”.


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This words of Lydia does not point accusing fingers at anyone and here comes the saying ‘ if the cap fits you, wear it’.

Nana Aba took the tweet as a shot directed to her and made clear her readiness to face the actress squarely. ‘Is this about us ? Are you referring to me? Be bold, madam face me like a woman’ She wrote.


Checks this morning indicates Lydia Forson deleted her tweet after Nana Aba’s response.

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