Ghanaian actress hilariously replied a netizen who called her ‘bitch’ for saying she used not to care about the country.

The kind of harsh words used on celebrities by social media users becomes disheartening sometimes. Not being a fan of celebrity does not guarantee one to verbally assault her on social media, when you notice something about her which is not in your interest.

A renowned Ghanaian actress and writer, took to Twitter to share how she sometimes deceive herself thinking she doesn’t care about her country Ghana, yet she immediately changes her mind after realising she was just lying to herself.

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After her tweet, a guy identified on twitter as ‘Dj Prince’, rained insults on the actress calling her a bitch.

Miss Forson took it so easy on the rude guy without revenging him with an insult.

However, she only teased him with his unprofessional English.

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