Ghanaian actress, writer, and producer, Lydia Forson has decided to offer emotional and other forms of support to COVID-19 patients who have recovered but are having to deal with stigmatization.

There have been horrible stories surrounding the unpleasant treatment that is been meted out to COVID-19 patients who have recovered and are reintegrating themselves into the society.

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From the pointing of accusing fingers to the shunning of the company, these people are under severe stigmatization from people they never expected it from and need help.

On the back of that, actress Lydia Forson has announced her intention to meet people who are fuelling the stigmatization agenda and educate them on the proper way they should view and accept these former COVID-19 patients.

She shared her view on her Instagram timeline by writing:

The stories I’ve heard have been troubling and I’ve been wondering what I can do in my way to help stop this.

If I’m able to do this, I hope it will encourage us all to end the stigmatization of these people.

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