Medikal – To Whom It May Concern Lyrics

Medikal - To Whom It May Concern

Medikal – To Whom It May Concern Lyrics

I no dey beef the trumutrumu boys
Niqqas kiss a$$, stress pass, on my rhyme
Rate a fella six stars
Doctor, mp3s3 )b3hw3 m’anim
Sakeoff the boy be sick pass back to back
Ony3 gbemi on the radio
Am3n ky3 mi hitler

Save the Game for four years
3kyer3 w’adwen aa k)shi po
Wo wiaa k) nom po
Adwee ba adamfo paa ne shifo
I make dem believe you
Make you never make followers decieve you
Adey on vacation
Davido si me bra Miami
Y3nk)hye seaview

I jack up like i give a fvck
I no fi work for restaurant
I hate to wait and thats watsup
At a niqqa stop dey stop
Only Ghanaian rapper wey enter icebox
and thats a fact
I dont give a sh!t
When they gas me up i just dey fart

3nora news papers
Want to take off tomorrow’s stories
Ndwom wei no chorus
These yesterday rappers dey bore me
I for start dey charge for features
Whenever they call me
Me ne nkolaa na 3ti fie baako mu
Nkyere3 s3 dem be hommy

Draw the line, draw the line
Pastor draw the line
I make like Galamsay brother
I’m taking what is mine
I dey fvck demma momies
I hear the babies crying
Me b) rolling nti
Yaa na 3y3 mo s3 me w) time

Ibe too easy to blow but can you stay consistent
K) bisa Pappy Kojo s3 how far with the system
So many negativities but i no dey biz them
Concrete flows
T) da bi aa use Ghacem
I just finish my Mommy enn house
Proud i made it
Wo nam kanta p3 designer
Berma prada wei de3
Me t)) C300 2015 no na mo ada
Mo claime hot MC’s mo da so order Uber

Woy3 player aa nka wo supporte wo team w) bench
wony3 me level
My number plate dey pass your rent
Six bedrooms i still dey bed my hall Joe
Stay humble, make money sht the fvck up ho
Me ni Ghana nso the boy dey trend
Anaa menk)e3
Me fri sotuom but i ? niqqas pass Tema boy
I be the sauce, i be the Juice
Me aa ne me fr)ye3
I no dey laugh again
Ny3 s3 ebia mesi mpo na 3pr))e3

Award baako aa megye y3
Them no dey make i sleep
Obi aa m’at)n nantwi da mey3 den dwane beef
Brag na mo p3 aa
Flow Delly fa hyia )mo w) mall
Montwitwa nk)t) mo p3 nso aa monk)bie mo store

Unapologetic appologies for not being sorry
If you dey fit hit am well why your
girlfriend still dey call me
Boys dey call me ? like my name be Gorry
Wo tan me de3 aa
My only word for you be Ony3 sormi

Why you no dey pert the boy een
Asem n3fa mo tiri mu 3tes3 aboy
This shit is off the top
3y3 convertible
Medikal is here wo di me rough aa m3bo wo

Medikal – To Whom It May Concern Lyrics