Lyrics: Strongman – Don’t Try Lyrics

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Strongman - Don't Try Lyrics

Strongman – Don’t Try Lyrics

 Strongman - Don't Try Lyrics
Strongman – Don’t Try Lyrics

Strongman – Don’t Try Lyrics Yeah…


Na Wate Anaa?

Ab)fra bu )panyin na m3mma wo form ndaadaa wo

Akwadaa w’agyimi aky3 nti

Menfa abaayi ngyyeegyaa wo

3to) kakra aa wo nyaa3 nti

Ama w’adwene mu haahaa wo

3nwon to) s3 w’adwene sua aa

3ne3 wo ho na 3b3 paepae wo

Substract your fraud money

From your real money

Nsesa na aa 3b3ka w) akyire

Eh be your music money

Eh no fih buy you bicycle

My man you sounding funny

Ka Nokor3 no kyer3 amansan

Tha be your testimony

#ba no rap mu aa w’ani tua

Me bars ba wo b3 pia

Wo hy33 da disse s3 nea me reply wo aaWo b3 tena ase na wo b3 sua

Wonk)) obi n’afuom aa

3y3 wo s3 wo danmu na y3 y3 kua

Wo se w’agye Ghana rap asi h)

)mo ada agye w’abusua

)se )w) cars, )se )w0 Benz

Bah rap mu )da bench

Big body, big body

Nso Edwinatewa s3 coins

The fire no fit quench

Wo rap enni sequence

You’ve talked against your Lord

Man wo k) as)re aa repent

Y3nk) Gym bah you no go fit

Boys no nnim s3 boy no y3 sick

Headset hy3 m’aso

Mic no si h) de3 aa

Joe mengyina hom) nkyer3 wo fake

3ba no rap aa I’m still insane

Wo y3 guy na me soaki wo cane

)sse )w) hit w’anya best rapper

Joe the boy is still in pain

Y3ntwer3 pen w) social media

Bah wontwere3 basaa

S3 nea wo si da w) wo wo fie

Wo k) prison aa y3nda saa

Wo shot fiaa yi na wob3 to aa

3ne3 chale fa b) paa

Sus kasa na m’ate car no ebi y3 mma)kwaa

SS leaver hold your heart

Before you talk to graduate

Y3s3 Strong is on the mic again

Akoa anya migrane

Wo rap Gboka

Yi w’asom menkyer3 wo rap highgrade

Young boss me drop lines no

Mo de3 w) sideways


Young rapper aa odi kan k)) Tim Westwood

Claime back to back na to wo bo

Checke wo views w) Youtube

Over seven years in the game

The King is still cool

Trumpet time up till now

The boy dey still fool


Same motion, body no same lotion

Tired of saying bullshit

My flow dey gyei ocean

Everyday I’m balling, enemies are falling

S3 mey3 rap aa emma no ny3 news

Na rap no menyaa no calling

Controversies all the time

3noaa na boss wo hit

Too Risky ne Omo Ada nyinaa

3maa na maa wo hit

Upcoming rapper na wo b3 tumi

Ab3kyer3 )mo hit

Na 3nye me

In your washroom yo still dey enjoy my shit

Strongman – Don’t Try Lyrics

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