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Madeleine Renoult-Gilot: Who Was Françoise Gilot’s Mother?


Françoise Gaime Gilot was a French painter who lived from 26 November 1921 to 6 June 2023. Gilot was already an accomplished artist when she first met Pablo Picasso, especially in ceramics and watercolors. However, her professional success was overshadowed by her social celebrity, and after their breakup, Picasso discouraged galleries from purchasing her work and attempted unsuccessfully to stop her from publishing her 1964 memoir, Life with Picasso.

Madeleine Renoult-Gilot: Who Was Françoise Gilot’s Mother?

Gilot’s mother and grandmother exposed her to painting when she was a tiny child. Gilot questioned her grandmother about a man she found intriguing. He turned out to be a painter named Emile Mairet.

The painter and Gilot’s father developed a close friendship, and Françoise often accompanied her father to the artist’s studio. When Françoise was six years old, her mother began instructing her in various forms of art, excluding drawing.

Françoise Gilot was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, to Émile Gilot and Madeleine Gilot (formerly Renoult). Madeleine was renowned for her skills in watercolor painting.


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