Mahama reacts to Samini and Sarkodie endorsing Nana Addo

Former President, Mahama has broken silence on Samini and Sarkodie endorsing President Nana Addo ahead of the 2020 elections.

Reacting to how he feels about this on Starr FM this Tuesday morning, the NDC presidential candidate said composing songs for leaders is not a form of endorsement.

“Well would make music for you and all that but it doesn’t really amount to endorsement.”, he said.

Mahama noted that he feels using celebrities for campaigns affect their careers negatively so that’s why in his 2020 campaigns, he’s trying his best to do away with celebrities so as not to spoil their enviable careers.

“We don’t understand some of these things, a musician makes music for a party then he comes again to gain sympathy from supporters of the other party. That shouldn’t be the case. But unfortunately, that is what happens.”, Mahama said.

“So in this particular campaign, I have tried to discourage as much as possible getting celebrities involved in our campaign because it leads to the destruction of their careers. So if you notice, I haven’t gone around with celebrities and and so on and so forth”, he further said.

Speaking further, Mahama remarked that the fact that Samini and Sarkodie has endorsed Nana Addo doesn’t mean he has something against them.

He said he loves their music and nothing will change about that.

“I like them, they are young talented and my attitude towards them doesn’t change. Samini has been somebody that I like. I mean his music Linda and all that. We all love those musics. So if he endorses Nana Addo, he must have his reason for that. It doesn’t change my attitude towards them. But I said that I won’t get musicians and celebrities involved in my campaign because I don’t want to affect their careers.”, he said in conclusion.

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