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Man arrested after stabbing neck of phone shop attendant in an attempt to steal an Iphone

sales girl stabbed

A wanna-be shop burglar has got himself into trouble in an attempt to steal from an iPhone shop located in Adabraka, Greater Accra Region.

According to a CCTV footage, the heartless man went to the phone shop and attacked the salesgirl with a knife.

He stabbed her neck and hand in other to kill her so that he can successfully steal from the shop.

The girl was strong so even though the guy stabbed her, she was able to escape.

The guy has been arrested and he’ll face the law squarely whiles the sales girls have been also rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

IGoodsGH (the name of the shop) took to their Instagram handle to update their customers that their Adabraka branch would be closed from now till Monday because of this sad incident.

Their statement reads:

“So this morning the adabraka branch which I had a sales girl working for me was attacked as early as 9:09am the guy demanded for a 6splus then later said 6s then now later said IPhone 7.

As my sales girl went to take the phone he held her and cut her throat and finger, lucky the wound didn’t go deep, we rushed her to the hospital. The theif was cought and will be facing the law soon.

So because of this the adabraka branch will be closed this week and we hope to open by Monday. Kindly say a prayer to my trusted sales girl who’s more like a daughter to me. Y’all have a wonderful night. #igoodsgh”

Watch the video below:

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