Home General News Man dies in accident whiles traveling for his wedding next week

Man dies in accident whiles traveling for his wedding next week

The sad story of Mopmi Sampson Marc is making people cry on social media.

Mopmi who’s a philanthropist was travelling for his wedding which comes off next week only to meet his untimely death.

Mopmi Samson Marc
Mopmi Samson Marc

A Facebook user identified as Grace Adams Yaro who shared the sad news indicated that Mopmi went to the orphanage this past Monday where he made massive donations prior to his wedding which is supposed to come off next week.

But the cold hands of death took his life away.

Grace Adams Yaro posted:

““You left our Orphanage on Monday after dropping bags of food for the Children. I felt bad that your white caftan was stained but I knew that I dare not stop you. You told me not to worry that you’ll stand with us to get more support for our Children. I met you just last year but your selflessness and commitment to our Children always thrills me. Its exactly one week to your wedding and the news am receiving is of your demise this morning. It’s painful, so painful. I can’t explain how i feel. Oh death, Rest in peace”

Screenshot below:


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