cocaine in slippers
Man finds drugs concealed in footwear he was given to deliver abroad

To those who live abroad, you will understand that sometimes when you journey back home, some friends might ask you to take some items from their family members and deliver it to them.

Out of a good heart, you’ll also willingly collect the things.

But some evil people can take advantage of you to carry out their dubious activities example of which is hiding narcotics in the items.


And if you’re not smart enough, you may get busted at the airport when the immigration officers are doing their checks.

This is the case of a man who was asked to deliver a footwear abroad.

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He was led instinctively to check the items and see if they were ‘clean.

To his surprise, he cut-open the footwear and lo and behold, therein was hidden drugs suspected to be cocaine.

Watch the video below:

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