A driver who chased two thieves on a motorbike stolen from his house has been jailed 10 years for killing one of them in Newcastle.

Footages release by Police indicates that Mihai Dinisoae, upon realizing the two thieves stole his motorbike, prompt a high-speed chase through Newcastle with his car before eventually hitting them against another car. One of them died instantly and the other taken to hospital.

According to Sky News, Dinisoae, who was arrested hours after the collision, told police he had conducted the pursuit but did not cause the incident – claiming the two thieves had lost control.

img 0200
The Accident scene

The Police However thinks he made no attempt of reaching any authority and shouldn’t have taken the law into his own hand. “He made no attempts to alert authorities of the theft and instead tried to chase down the two men himself to get his hands on his property,” the police said

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