‘Marry when you are ready, not when you are ageing’ – Reno Omokri

Nigerian Author and Lawyer, Reno Omokri, has advised singles never to set a particular by which they must marry.

Per his advice, singles should marry when they’re ready not when they’re ageing.

Reno Omokri
'Marry when you are ready, not when you are ageing' - Reno Omokri

A lot of men do say that by the ages between 30 and 35, they must marry. Some predict that by this time, they should have a house, a car and any other thing a would need to make life comfortable for himself and his family.

But sadly, these ages approach and things doesn’t really work-out the way most men plan and this cause them to ‘rush’ and marry any available person just because is catching up on them.

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Many of these marriages collapse to divorce and the ones which even last because of religious and other reasons also survive with bitterness and regret until death.

This applies to women to.

It is at the back of this that Reno Omokri is advising singles to marry when they’re ready and not when they’re ageing.

“Never set an by which you must MARRY. DEADLINES cause DEAD LIVES. MARRIAGE is for when you are READY, not when you are AGEING. If you feel like winning a COMPETITION, go into SPORTS, not into MARRIAGE. There‘s no GOLD MEDAL for the first to MARRY #FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets”, he wrote.

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