has announced some restriction after ’s Cases of sees a sharp rise in active cases in the last two weeks.

With 416 total deaths cases recorded and over 5000 cases recorded with critically ill persons numbering over 100, the situation can no longer be taken for granted.
The President in his address to the nation on Covid related issues said Beaches, Pubs, Night clubs, Cinemas are to remain closed with the reintroduction of Private burial with less than 25 people present.
Restaurant and eateries are to insure takeaway services while institutions are to adhere strictly to social distances and run shift systems and use virtual means to converge.

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Churches and Other religious places of worship must ensure members are with mask and all other protocols highly observed to the later.

The President added that security forces will be deployed to ensure strict compliance with Covid regulations and has edged every citizen to be responsible and obey the Covid protocols so Ghana can defeat the virus.

He said unlike 2 weeks ago where some regions never had active cases, as we speak unfortunately, all 16 regions of Ghana now have recorded new cases of Coronavirus as such these measures are necessary to contain the spread.

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