A lady identified as Pious has given the traits and characteristics of a mature woman. According to her description, a mute woman is the one who sticks with her boyfriend long after break up.

Pious opined that it is the duty of a woman and a sign of maturity when a lady decides to play the wifey role to her boyfriend long after separation.


She added that when a woman leaves his boyfriend, she should cook and take care of the man until he finds a new woman.

Pious believes doing these will prove the maturity of the woman. She shared this controversial view on her Twitter timeline and has received a considerable number of reactions.

Maturity is when you break up with your boyfriend and still visit him to cook and take care of him until he finds another girl, she wrote.


Below are some interesting replies she received on her tweet:

Shaka Zulu wrote: Women, Note: This is the highest level of stupidy. Such actions confirm your desperate status. Be strong and move on.

Akowe replied: When they come after you now you will not like yourself so wash your hands and stay safe

Senyo Krah commented: Some gal told me she goes to her ex to cook for him cos he doesn’t know how to cook and they’re just friends now with no feelings. I’m like “wtf? You lying to me or you being for real?

Screenshot of Tweet below: