Jamaican Dance Hall superstar Mavado, has been backlashed by most of his Christian followers who accused him of blasphemy after he portrayed himself as God Almighty.

The Gully Gad, aka Mavado, posted a photo of himself on his Instagram page on Sunday where he likens himself to a god.

One can see some a light around his head with Angels behind blowing trumpets just as we see in most Bible Story books.


Sources however mentioned that the image is the cover art for an upcoming project from the dancehall singer.

But it’s his Christian fans whom he angered the most with the photo.

“Mavado I am a huge fan but this pic right here don’t sit well with me as a God-fearing woman, please take it down, we don’t do the mockery thing around here,” one female fan wrote.

Another added:

“You wrong bro never you come pair yourself to God, only time will tell all of you who are defending this.”

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