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If my wife washes my boxers, what’s wrong with washing her panties’ MC Fish

Nigerian musical artist, MC Fish real name Fisayo Michael Olagunju has disclosed in a new interview that he washes the panties of his wife, Anita Joseph.

According to him, his wife who’s an actress is everything a man would desire. So in turn, he does everything to keep her happy. Which includes washing her undies.

He argued that if she can wash his boxer shorts, why can’t he also wash her panties?


“Before she makes decisions, she tells me. Before she posts anything, she tells me. And what more can I ask for? A woman that respects me, that treats me like a king, I must respect her back…if i have to wash her shoes in public, I’ll do it. If I have to wash her undies, I will. It’s not like I’m not even doing it already…not that I don’t do it, I wash it. If she washes my boxers, why can’t I wash her panties. Because that’s my wife at the end of the day.”, he said.

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Watch the video below:

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