Medikal and Strongman's beef i

and once upon a time made a massive trend with their beef which went in favour of the former – They are back on it now.

Medikal and Strongman are back shading each other in their songs. To those who have heard Medikal’s ‘La Hustle’ song, a line was dedicated to Strongman.

The line had the AMG Business rapper saying any musician who dissed him has had their career turn into ‘beans’.

That was undoubtedly meant for Strongman as he was the only rapper to have faced Medikal bar-for-bar and won.

Strongman heard the song and line dedicated to him and did justice to Medikal on his Nightmare song released days ago.

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Their fans have already started reacting to their punches targeted at themselves:

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This could pave way for the biggest rap diss in 2021.

Watch the videos below:


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