Yesterday, Medikal dropped a new song titled ‘Nonsense’ and as a lover of his music, my notifications were turned-on to be one of the first people to listen to his usual strong punches but to my utmost disappointment, the ‘Medikal of the past is no more the Medikal of the present’.

Mr. Samuel Frimpong is gradually losing his touch and someone better tell him before his career sinks ‘6 feet deep’.

Someone who may have not realized this yet would be asking that what am I talking about?

I’ll keep this short so that I won’t waste anybody’s time.

What I observe Medikal doing in recent times is, he’ll rap for 1 minute on his new songs and use the rest of the minutes giving shout outs to his close friends.

He first did this in his ‘Quarantine Flow’ song. We were all eagerly waiting for him to drop some ‘wicked flows’ as the song title suggests only for MDK to give shoutouts from the start of the song to the end. Okay, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt that the purpose of that song was for ‘shout outs’.

But then he repeated the same thing on his ‘Nonsense’ song.

This is not the Medikal we know so he better wake up and get back into his normal self.

Or maybe he’s trying to follow the footsteps of his boss Criss Waddle?

We all know how much of a beast Waddle is when it comes to rapping but he decided to break the heart of his fans by literally quitting music — he drops one song in a decade. Waddle pins ‘his laziness towards music’ on the fact that he’s now into other businesses, so he needs to make money for the future.

Well, if Medikal thinks he has also reached the point where he wants to quit music or give ‘wack songs’ to fans with the aim that he has other businesses doing, then he should re-think things.

He’s a unique talent and we appreciate and love him so much.

What we expect from Medikal

What we expect from him is for him to do more collaborations across Africa and the world. He did one with Davido and that was beautiful. Why not the other new stars like himself such as ‘Naira Marley, Nasty C, Zlatan, just to mention a few?

Medikal is doing well by helping other young talents blow — of course, he does that for most of the upcoming AMG Business signees and that’s just perfectly good of him.

But of what good would he be again if he becomes irrelevant himself? You know how the Ghanaian music industry is, once you stop producing hits and relevant music, you die off like how quick the ‘sex of Chickens are’.

As per what we see, Medikal, you’ve got money, you buy new cars every year, you live largely, you travel the world, that’s fine and perfect.

But please invest a little bit of it in your craft. Make more connections in the music circle, do more songs, and more awards would definitely be won as a result of this.

Medikal, if you’re reading this, know that a lover of your music is worried about how you’re seemingly sleeping, please WAKE UP!!! YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER to Ghana Music.