Medikal step out in his traditional marriage attire


It all started like a joke or one of those publicity stunts. But the reality is Samuel Adu Frimpong and Fella Makafui are getting married — live and colored.

Celebrities Buzz has chanced on a video of Medikal which sees him well dressed in his ‘Agbada’ outfit on his way to his traditional marriage.

Medikal could be seen all looking so gentle-manly with his black shoes on as he poses to take a picture with elders in his family.

Watch the video below:

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Just yesterday, a video emerged which captures Fella Makafui’s bridal shower with her friends.

There’s a little bit of bad news anyway as a man has come out this morning with claims that he saw Fella Makafui in her dreams and she was involved in a fatal accident.


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