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Medikal's real age exposed

Yesterday 5th April 2021 was El-Chairmano, ’s birthday.

Social media was swashed with his photos with people wishing him well.

Medikal as expected posted photos of himself on a baecation with his wife, .


He revealed his age as 27.

The “La Hustle” hitmaker on Instagram wrote: “27 today”.

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His age got social media users curious — people expressed their concerns that he’s older than the age he’s mentioning.

Well, as you all know, Ghanaian social media users work faster than CID and FBI put together.

They have already gone to dig out Medikal’s old interview with .

In the interview which was held in 2017, Medikal said he was 25 when asked of his age.

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Now 4 years later, he’s saying he’s 27 which is completely inaccurate.

If we should take the 25 he mentioned in 4 years ago into consideration, then Medikal is 29 years now in 2021.

Watch the video below:

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