Lee Su Jin is a 51-year-old South-Korean model who has left social aghast over her ‘youthful’ look, despite being half a hundred years old.

It has been 4 years since she first became an internet sensation and Jin has added neither a wrinkle nor become unfit. The only thing she added was her age.

Meet Lee Su Jin, the 51-year-old lady who looks half her age (Photos)

Now 51, Jin who looks half her age has now been dubbed the ‘goddess of eternal youth’ as she has once again left many internet users stunned with how young she looks despite growing older. thanks

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Meet Lee Su Jin, the 51-year-old lady who looks half her age (Photos)

The beautiful lady recently revealed during her appearance on Korean TV show ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’ several years ago that, she had turned to social media in her need for social interaction because her daughter had stopped talking to her after starting middle school.

She simply enjoyed all the attention she got from everyone due to her youthful appearance and continued posting more photos.

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However, it appears her relationship with her daughter has since improved as she now shares photos with her, on her Instagram page.