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Meet Nyakim Gatwech, the lady who has got the ‘darkest’ skin in the world

Meet Nyakim Gatwech, the lady who has got the 'darkest' skin in the world

Meet Nyakim Gatwech, the South Sudanese descent African American model who’s teaching people not to be afraid of the dark.

With her deeply pigmented skin and fierce determination, the dark skin model is breaking down the barriers of conventional beauty and encouraging others to do the same.

The 24-year-old African model and fashion icon, who now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has no shame about her melanin, and she makes sure the world is aware. “My chocolate is elegant.

So is what I represent nation of warriors,” she captioned one of her many Instagram photos, which routinely exceed 10 thousand likes each. In another, she details an experience in which an Uber driver suggested she try ‘bleaching’ her skin – and her only response was laughter. “You won’t believe the kind of questions I get and the kind of looks I get for having this skin.”

Gatwech is not only an advocate for diversity in the fashion industry but also a voice for Black rights around the world.

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She’s even been dubbed “Queen of Darkness,” a title she happily accepts. “Black is bold, black is beautiful, black is gold.

Don’t let American standards damage your African soul.” Love the skin you live in, no matter what color or shade it may be!

See Photos Below:

Check out photos of Nyakim Gatwech’s boyfriend here.


    • Black dont crack and she is simply gorgeous.
      Like my nephew says black is the color of a crayon ..we r African Americans

  1. Stunning beauty! Thank you for using your platform to open doors for many other beauties, and educating the ignorant of the world. Black girl majic!

    • All that I can say is About time. People have struggled with colorism every since back in the day when the first stolen person landed on Them shores. Absolutely Beautiful Woman and this will help self esteem of many who still have deep psychological issues with colorism……

        • Kwaku Adoboli: Writing these under my Profile. I was born and raised in Togo, West Africa. Retired American as well as African History Professor.

          Anonymous: That was what your BOSS the white man told you. To you he did , not do anything wrong. Your general statement, African kings, was so false. Learn the truth, it won’t hurt you. The slave raiders from nearby nations, went to villages and towns at nights, with guns and ammunitions, from the white man, (anonymous your truth teller). They blocked all exits, circled the towns, rounded the people at gun points to public squares, fought battles, overcame the people with guns. The able bodied young were captured and taken to the coast. The old and young ones were all killed, so they won’t go to alert other nearby villages. The towns were set on fire. THERE WERE NO KINGS IN THE VILLAGES SELLING THEIR PEOPLE.. These atrocities went on for 400 years.

      • You do realize slave trade started in Africa long before a white man stepped on the continent, right? One African tribe fought with another and all war captives became slaves who were then eventually traded. So when the white man came, he bought what was offered for sale by the black trader. History is an interesting discipline, give it a go

        • True, but they were not enslaved for life and tortured. They could eventually marry into the group they were enslaved by or become free.

    • Beautiful Lady with a mission to help people deal with and face a much needed spotlight on colorism. A fact that many people Unfortunately still deal with in this modern Era…..

  2. You are gorgeous. But please don’t make this about difference and or it race because something about you is differnt or better. Because we all are all, every human on this planet special. Love your felow human being. We are all in this together.

  3. Any way many people talk about skin colour. It doesn’t matter, any skin colour just occurs like accident! Please don’t change your natural colour whether is blacker or white

  4. I am a very white guy from Scotland and I remember as a kid I lived in Zambia Africa I seen some of the darkest people there. So black just like her and me being white Very white standing next to a dark kid we looked like we could be chess pieces. LOL hahaha 🙂

  5. The whole world needs to acknowledge that the Black race are the old humans on earth . The first to stand in the light of the sun ! We are the original man and woman and the earth seed of God .


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