The yet to be released Microsoft phone, Microsoft Surface Duo is shaping up to add up more features which will take the use of smart phones to a new level.

The phone was unveiled at the October 2019 Surface event and recently shown off in an emulator.

The Microsoft Surface Duo sounds like a smart phone but the company itself is naming the device as “communication device”.

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This is because, they believed the phone will perform much more tasks especially in terms of communication.

The phone has a dual screen which will help the user to multi task and also, it can be folded to use only one screen.

One can also use one screen as a keyboard when typing.

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It boasts dual 5.6-inch screens, but when unfolded, it can be used as an 8.3-inch tablet-like device.

It can also be bent farther than flat – the full 360 degrees – for a front-to-back viewing mode. In fact, the Surface Duo strongly resembles another new device introduced during the October 2019 event.