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“For a country that borrows money to produce songs to tell grown up men and women not urinate indiscriminately and dump rubbish on the streets, it’s imperative that we introduce Military rule so that the attitudes of the people will be shaped. Democracy was not meant for , we need to go backto Military rule by amending some portions of our constitution”.

The above remarks were made by Gospel musician Great Ampong on Accra-based Kingdom Plus FM.

According to him the only way Ghana can move forward is that part of the constitution should be amended to allow military rule.


The veteran musician stated that he believes things worked better when Ghana was under Military as compared to now that we have adopted democracy.

Great Ampong lamented on the fact that corruption has become normal so much so that when the President task officials to accomplish certain projects, they don’t carry them out. But instead squander public funds and these people are left to go scott free.

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Apart from corruption, he noted that the attitudes of the Ghanaian people is one that can be shaped if the Military is left to shape the people in the country.

Recalling the early days of the late former President , Ampong indicated that there were a number of changes instituted by Rawlings and therefore introducing some form of Military rule can go a long way to help Ghana.

Watch the video below:

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